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Editorial: A ban on balloons bad for business


It's hard to understand in these tough economic times why any government entity would go out of its way to discourage commerce. But that's exactly what's been going on in Medina Township where local officials continue to hassle Bill Doraty over his balloons.

Doraty owns a Kia car dealership at Interstate 71 and State Road 18 and, since 2008, he's been employing large inflatable characters to attract attention and customers to his showroom. 

You know, lots of retail businesses use this kind of outdoor advertising but not in Medina Township.  

Township leaders say that the inflatable's are dangerous to passing motorists and that they also hurt property values. They have been battling Doraty in and out of court now for three years trying to get the balloons banned.  

Well, in addition to worrying about property values in Medina Township, the local leaders would be wise to also worry about the well-being of their local businesses whose taxes and economic contributions enrich theirs and every community.

Doraty ought to be able to keep his harmless inflatable's and Medina Township ought to find something more productive to pursue.  


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