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Editorial Reply: Audrey Wood

My name is Audrey Wood and I am responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial on Occupy Wall Street.

In the poll, allegedly 31% of Occupy Wall Street protesters support violence to advance their agenda. Not only is the poll flawed for only asking 200 out of a rotating group of thousands to tens of thousands, but the proof just isn't there.

Since the start of Occupy Wall Street, the movement has remained peaceful, as is their priority. If more than a third of protesters supported violence we should have seen evidence of it by now. But the violence has been perpetrated against Occupy Wall Street by the New York City police. If anything Occupy Wall Street has brought to light serious concerns about the NYPD's willingness to throw around the Department of Homeland Security's name and use violence against peaceful protesters.

As for the 65% who want health care, education, and retirement, those things are major factors in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It's unfair to say people who want the greatest country on earth to treat its citizens at least as well as other developed nations as radicals. 

Thank You. 


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