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Pollution problem at Avon Lake Power Plant


Genon in Avon Lake is a power plant that's been on the shore's of Lake Erie for more than 40 years.

It's now on a secret EPA watch list.  So what does that mean to all of us?

The Feds told 19 Action News investigative reporter Scott Taylor that in June they issued the Avon Lake Power Plant an EPA violation.  

Genon Power Plant is in Avon Lake along the shore of Lake Erie. It's been there for 41 years.  

It's also according to a National Public Radio report on the Federal EPA's watch list that NPR says use to be a big secret. In 2004 Uncle Sam created the confidential watch list to keep on eye on potential polluters.

The internal list just released has more than 1,000 facilities on it.

The Avon Lake coal fired power plant released more than two million tons of lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxic chemicals into the air in just one year.

The Ohio EPA says the plant is in compliance. It's emissions from it's smoke stacks are ok. But the Federal EPA says, "Hold it. There's a problem."

According to the Feds the EPA issued a violation finding to the plant in June.

The NPR says it was for violating it's permit by not installing modern pollution controls.
Genon tells Reporter Scott Taylor that they don't agree with the NPR story. And they're still discussing the issue with the EPA about prior work that was done. They claim to be in compliance with all regulations.

Power plants have until March 2013 to comply with the cross state air pollution rule.  It will reduce emissions and create less smog and soot.

Congress could pass soon new regulations for power plants using existing technology that will reduce mercury and acid gas pollution's.

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