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Offensive?: Controversial church sign causes chaos

19 Action News has been bombarded with complaints about a sign that was put up by a local church. It says homosexuality is a sin.

It's a sign that just about anyone driving south on I71 would see.

 "There are so many people driving along that highway and that is such a terrible sign in general," Tommy Marzella said.

Tommy Marzella and Dan Symons have a petition going to have it removed. They disagree with the pastor of Southwest Baptist Church.

Pastor Greg Davis tells 19 Action News that homosexuality is a choice. But these two who are gay-- argue that point.

"I would disagree with that because if it were a choice I would be straight and why would I want to live a more complicated lifestyle," questioned Dan Symons.

Davis did not want to go on camera, but he says the sign is meant to help people struggling with their sexuality and if they entered his church they would help them make the right decision.

Davis adds, the sign is also freedom of speech.
Marzella and Symons agree -- but say this...

"I think it's the fine line when it becomes hate speech what he is putting up there is very offensive to a lot of people who identify themselves as gay," said  Dan Symons.

The duo heading the fight against the sign would like to sit down with the pastor and have a dialogue.  

They want an exchange of ideas and attitudes.

But for now the pastor says that sign will be up the entire month of November.

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