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Another beard attack reported in Amish Country!

The Jefferson County Sheriff is investigating another Amish beard attack! 

However, the sheriff says there will be no arrests because the victims refuse to press charges. 

The sheriff says an Amish couple from Michigan was lured to Bergholz, Ohio by their own son-- who then attacked both of them!

The father, who is terminally ill, was held down and had his beard and his hair cut.

The sheriff is furious, but there's nothing he can do about the attack.

In October,  the first strange beard-cutting crime headed to a grand jury in Holmes County.

Five men are accused of breaking into homes of Amish families and cutting the victims' beards and hair.

The men - who are all part of the "Bergholz Clan" - are accused of going to the home of a Carroll County man, dragging him outside by his beard and cutting it off.

A similar incident happened in Holmes County, when the group of Amish bullies burst into a house, cut the hair off the women as well as the hair and beards of the men.

The men waived their right to a preliminary hearing.   No plea was entered.   Bond has not been set.

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