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FBI investigates possible tie between missing man & Craigslist murder case


The Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeking information regarding the disappearance of Timothy Kern, who is from the Canton-area. 

Kern was last seen early on the morning of Sunday, November 13th in the Plain Township area of Stark County. 

Kern's father Jack says he told family members he was meeting with a prospective employer that morning and has not been seen or heard from since. 

"I don't want to think the worst but I don't know what I can say," Jack Kern said.

It is unusual for Kern not to stay in daily contact with family members.

Tim Kern answered an ad for a job on Craigslist.  On November 9th he met with his so called employer at the Waffle House on 77 and Arlington.  Jack says Tim's son was a witness to that meeting.

"Tim came out and he was very upbeat about the whole thing and told my grandson that he was going to get 300 dollars a week and a truck to drive around this farm and a trailer to live in," said Jack.

The Columbus FBI is looking into the possibility that Kern's disappearance could be connected to the Noble County Craigslist murder case.

Jack is sure his son answered that  same ad and is fearing the worst.

"Keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best," said Jack.

Two men were shot, one fatally, in Marietta after responding to a job listing on Craigslist. 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty has been charged with one count of attempted murder and one count of complicity to attempted murder. 52-year-old Richard J. Beasley has yet to be charged.

Anyone with information regarding Kern's whereabouts is asked to contact the FBI in Canton at 330-456-6200.

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