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The best iPod and iPhone speaker docks

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By Caleb Denison
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We've been amazed to see how many different brands and models of iPod and iPhone speaker docks have emerged in the last couple of years. The numbers are staggering. Best Buy alone has over 230 models available online. How in the world is anyone supposed to wade through that many options?

That's why we're back with our list of the top 10 iPod and iPhone speaker docks. We've tested a lot of these things, separated the wheat from the chaff, and assembled our recommendations for a great-sounding, well-featured speaker dock to suit just about any need or budget. Enjoy.

iHome iA91 ($99)

The iHome iA91 may be the least expensive to make our list, but this little clock-radio dock is chock full of features. Its dual alarms can be set according to a weekday/weekend schedule and will wake you either with music on your iPod or tunes from an AM/FM radio station. Because the clock and backlighting are dimmable, you won't have to worry about covering it up to keep the bedroom dark, and its EQ settings help get the sound just right.

Logitech S715i ($125)

The Logitech S715i might just be the big winner in the "bang for your buck" department. Not only does it sound great, but it's truly portable. The S715i's built-in eight-hour rechargeable battery will keep you in the tunes all day and when you're done, you can pack it out with the included carrying case. 

Klipsch iGroove SXT ($170)

Klipsch's iGroove SXT has been around for a while, but remains competitive thanks to some seriously big sound from a surprisingly small footprint. An S-video jack, aux input and remote control round out the extra features. Check out our review for more info. (Read our review)

iHome IP4 ($200)

iHome isn't the first to try capitalizing on the nostalgic memories of 30-somethings with a retro-inspired iPod boombox, but as far as we're concerned, they're the first company to really nail the execution. Use the provided AC adapter, or load the IP4 up with 6 D-cell batteries for music on the go. Its resilient, rubbery finish resists scratches and scuffs, and a five-band equalizer gives added sonic control. Though iHome could have put a little more boom into this box, its fun style and totally acceptable sound quality will make it a hit with closet break-dancers everywhere. Also available in hot pink.

JBL Onair ($240)

Apple Airplay is the new must-have feature for high-end iPod speaker docks. Most Airplay-enabled docks (including a few on our list) will cost you a pretty penny, but JBL's OnAir wireless speaker dock brings Airplay for less than $250, and offers some other sweet features such as a full-color LCD display, AM/FM clock radio with dual alarms, a massive snooze button and some seriously impressive sound.

Altec Lansing Mix IMT800 ($300)

Like the iGroove SXT, the Altec Lansing Mix IMT800 isn't new, but it has yet to be dethroned or replaced and, as such, makes our list for another year. Its styling may not be for everyone, but the IMT800's huge sound and ample bass beat out docks that cost twice as much. We're also big fans of this unit's dual aux inputs, handy remote, EQ and portability. (Read our review)

Harman Kardon Go + Play II ($350)

The Harman Kardon Go + Play II is possibly the best-sounding iPhone speaker dock you've never heard of. We don't know why this little titan doesn't get more press. It's loaded up with dedicated low-frequency drivers and bi-amplified for excellent bass. Its stainless steel handle is both snazzy looking and functional. Plus, it packs plenty of little extras such as a USB port, S-Video jack, battery compartment and slick touch controls.

Audyssey South of Market ($400)

The Audyssey South of Market dock is our top pick for an office iPhone dock. Not only does it offer Bluetooth wireless technology, but it is the only dock on our list that works as a fully functional speakerphone. Its sound quality is pretty phenomenal, and it's vertical design minimizes its footprint-perfect for a desk.

Klipsch Gallery G17 Air ($550)

The Gallery G17 Air is one of the most anticipated iPod speakers this year, and it isn't even a dock. The Gallery G17 Air uses Airplay to wirelessly play music through your home network. While it is small and light enough to be mounted on the wall or carried from room to room, Klipsch promises big sound from the little G17 Air. We're expecting a sample soon and will post a link to our review here when it's done.

Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin Air ($600)

Because nothing turns heads at a party quite like a big black blimp streaming music, we present the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air. The Zeppelin Air may come off as a bit ostentatious to some, but a redesign has this Airplay-enabled dock sounding better than ever.

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