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Editorial: Editorial Feedback

Well, every time we air one of our editorials we ask you, the audience to write and let us know what you think and you always do.

I recently talked about the waste in Cuyahoga government and boy did we get some responses.  Chuck from Maple Heights wrote and said, "county administration still works as it did years ago. Some changes but the game is still the same."  And Adam from Independence wrote to say, "why can't they run this government as a business? Come on…haven't we all had enough!" Well said, I agree with that Adam...  enough is enough.

And we got a lot of responses about President Obama's call for higher taxes on the rich.  Fred from North Olmsted wrote to say, "those with money tend to get more out of the system than the rest of us.  Lobbying tends to give them special laws which benefit them." And Rick from Northfield wrote, "I believe that our country should institute a flat tax. Everyone should share in the cost of running our government."

Well, thanks again to all of you for sharing all your responses with us.  And, as always, write and let us know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate and here's the address:

Editorial Response
1717 E. 12th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

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