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FBI: Break in the Orange High School bomb threat case?


Students and staff at Orange High School were terrorized by repeated bomb threats. And now, there may be a break in the case.

It's been weeks since the last threat was emailed to the school but Tuesday a search warrant was issued. 

FBI Agents searched a house, only a few miles away from the high school, Tuesday morning.
It came as very interesting news to students.

"I didn't think it's a student personally. I felt it was like someone much more smarter than a student at orange who could escape the FBI for so long," said Mike Orlando.

We don't know what, if anything, was found in the house and this doesn't mean that someone who lives here is a suspect, but this, is the first outward sign the FBI may be making progress tracking down the person who's been harassing Orange High.

With numerous email threats -- first about a bomb, then threatening to release biological agents. The threats forced administrators to close the school for several days.

Now word of the house being searched, the latest troubling news for parents to digest.

"It's a stressor. You try to keep life as normal as you can but you keep going cause you have no other choice but it causes stress," said Kymm McElroy.

Whoever is behind these threats has been winning their cat and mouse game with authorities, sending more than a dozen emails.  Some of them even taunting authorities daring them to catch him.     


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