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Tempers flare as Jimmy Dimora's corruption trial nears

Tempers are starting to flare as the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial grows near. 

It appears that Dimora's lawyers are pushing for a delay in the January 2012 trial.

On Dimora's federal court docket, there are nearly 600 separate entries. They detail individual appearances, filings and conferences. In the past two days, they have become very telling.

Government attorneys have filed motions complaining about Dimora not providing his evidence to them for review. They say they've given him theirs. Judge Sara Lioi agreed and ruled Dimora will get no more government evidence until he provides his.

Judge Lioi took particular notice of the fact that on days Dimora's paperwork was due, his attorneys filed what she described as "notifications" that he couldn't meet the deadlines.  She says that was inappropriate.  She also is not happy with the fact that his attorneys wouldn't meet with her and the government to discuss it unless a court reporter was present.

In her written finding she says, "Dimora's counsel are hereby admonished for their unprofessional behavior." On Monday, Dimora's lawyers fired back saying a second indictment against Dimora makes the their task impossible.

The real bottom line is that all of this wrangling sets the stage for a request by Dimora to delay his trial, given the fact that his attorneys now state openly that they won't be ready by the January 4th deadline set by the Judge.

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