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43 Forum: CSU President talks higher education

My guest Ronald Berkman, President of Cleveland State University, and I talked about what's going on at the university that was founded as Fenn College back in 1960. 

Within the last few years the university has been on a building binge. 

It has constructed a multi-million dollar student center, nursing school, lots of housing for students at Euclid Commons and is now building more mixed use housing north of Chester Avenue. 

We talked the Campus International School, which has students K-4 grades. 

It is the only preschool in Ohio located on a university campus. 

We discussed the mission of the university and how it's working to make Cleveland State a more involved, livable campus that attracts students from across the country as well as internationally.

We talked about why a higher education is a good investment and ways the university helps students with tuition through grants and scholarships.

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