43 Forum: Saying Goodbye to Parma Mayor, Dean DePiero

My guest was Mayor of Parma Dean DePiero.  He is the 13th and youngest mayor elected to serve the City of Parma.

The municipality is Ohio's seventh largest city with a population of over 85,000.

Mayor DePiero chose not to seek re-election this term.  So, this was an exit interview.  We talked about his decision not to run for another term, which would have been his third.

DePiero says he wants to shift to civic involvement rather than just political and that he wants to be more of a cheerleader for the region.

We talked about his terms as mayor and he said he worked to implement some major programs that include police accountability, streets and road improvements economic development and housing construction.

We talked about the passage of a school levy after seven failed attempts, about pay-to-play and his reforms with the police department, which had major problems with overtime and morale.

We talked about the two federal desegregation decrees, involving the lack of diversity of Parma's workforce and the very small number of minorities living and working in Parma.  He says the city has made good progress with employment, but that housing continues to be a problem.

We also discussed how his administration has worked to improve parks and recreational activities and to boost programs for seniors.