Christmas Spirit: The Griswold's take over a northeast Ohio neighborhood

(WOIO) - It's a house that is lighting up an entire neighborhood and if you've seen "Christmas Vacation," then you know what we're talking about.

It's definitely in the running for the most lights on one house. 19 Action News is at the Kirshnik home in Montville Township, very near Medina, and we know what your thinking, why on earth would anyone do this? Well this family has a pretty special reason.

8000 Lights and 800 Strands of lights-- its costing them about 2000 in electricity.

It's incredible! Just about every inch of the house, front and back, is covered. The garage door even works. Jason Kirshnik and the kids have been doing it since 2001.

"My friends at school say your dad must be crazy."

"In the garage I've got a 100 AMP regulator. I don't even know what that is," said Jason Kirshnick.

You see Jason is a sound engineer so wiring for something like this is easy.
But now for the reason the family keeps doing it every year. In 2003 they lost a baby in pre-term labor just weeks before he was to be born and he passed away exactly a week before Christmas.

"The kids like to tell their friends that its so that they're baby brother can see the house from heaven," said Jason Kirshnick.

Obviously this means a lot to the family, and to the neighborhood. There are even a couple of local businesses that help Jason with the utility bill every year but they want to remain anonymous.