Sign of the Season: Runaway reindeer spotted wandering down the roadway

NORTON, OH (WOIO) - Around 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Norton Police became flooded with phone calls that seemed to be a prank if it hadn't been for the number of calls they were receiving.

"There's a (laughs), and I'm serious, a reindeer..." one caller told police.

The festive sighting happened on Route 21 South at 585.

When veteran Patrolman Kevin Starling got to the scene, he couldn't believe his eyes and neither could the dozens of people who called 911.

9-1-1 Call: "There's a ha ha...and I'm serious there's a reindeer, evidently it's from a farm, it's got a red harness on it's face."

Officer Starling
: "A lot of them were like "You're not gonna believe this but..."

9-1-1 Call: "It's a deer , looks like a reindeer cause it has a collar on it...walking down the middle of 21."

The reindeer had fallen out if it's transport vehicle on the way to a Christmas appearance. They were headed from Massilon to the Beachwood area when they hit a bump in the road. The animal was a little scratched up, but Officer Starling says with some rest, maybe some extra carrots and apples, she should be recovered by Christmas Eve.

So what could be a dangerous and tragic holiday scene, ended up with a happy ending as Norton Police saved Christmas!

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