Donations are down for a longtime Rick Case tradition

BEDFORD, OH (WOIO) - Its been a long time tradition for the Rick Case car dealerships -- people take donated bikes, fix them up and donate them to the Boys and Girls Club, but donations are way down.

"Between the three stores we collect thousands of bikes this store four or five hundred every season as of today less than 50," said Dave Ingleheart, GM Rick Case Hyundai.

Dave Igleheart, the GM of Rick Case Hyundai in Bedford went to Bedford City Council trying to get the word out. Council members all donated and Mayor Dan Pocek donated five brand new American made bikes and today the Bedford Police Department brought two truck loads.

"I think a lot of it is the economic climate with Craigslist available to a lot of people not having to pay to list bikes a lot of people are bicycles versus donating them," said Dave Igleheart, GM Rick Case Hyundai.

The lack of donations in this economy quite frankly is pretty understandable. Peter Avrea of Bainbridge who donates to this cause every year well he was stunned and decided to do something about it.

"The first thing we did got on the Internet buying up bikes by Sunday we rounded up six more bikes and brought them over," said Peter Avrea.

And Avrea says he will continue his good work. He plans along with his wife to start hitting garage sales and hopes to donate at least fifty bikes this year.

"More than anything I appeal to your viewers if they have an extra bike bring it over every child should have a bike," said Dave Igleheart, GM Rick Case Hyundai.