Rash of burglaries reported in Cleveland

Thieves are striking it rich this holiday season.

So far this month, more than 350 homes have been burglarized citywide.

Now, Cleveland Police are fighting back with squads targeting burglars.

The five fingered shoppers even broke into the home of Cleveland Councilman Jay Westbrook. The area with the highest crime rate is the Fourth District, Cleveland's southeast side. The second district is close behind on the city's west side.

Cleveland Police have now deployed special teams of investigators targeting burglaries in every district

The squads have been most effective in the fifth district, located on the far east side of Cleveland.

The squads have brought in 52 arrests including some juvenile.

Cleveland Police are asking residents to fight back as well. They are asking residents to lock their doors and watch for shady people.

Tips to Make Your Home Safe and Secure

  • Install good locks on doors and windows.

Don't hide keys in mailboxes, planters or under

doormats. Instead, leave an extra set of keys with a

neighbor or friend.

  • Ask for photo identification from service or delivery

people before letting them in. If you are the least bit

worried, call the company to verify.

  • Be sure your street address number is large, clear of

obstruction, and well-lighted so police and other

emergency personnel can find your home quickly.

  • Consider a home alarm system that provides emergency

monitoring for burglary, fire, and medical emergencies.

If You Live In An Apartment

  • Make sure entry door has a deadbolt lock and wide angle


  • Sliding glass doors have a wooden rod or metal brace in

the tracks so it can't be opened and pins in the overhead

frame so it can't be lifted out.

Please remember that when you leave home for any reason:

  • To check your doors and windows and make sure that they are properly secured.

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