Editorial Response: Lakesha Smith

(WOIO) - My name is Lakesha Smith responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about removing the over-weight eight-year old from his home.

I believe that the county government is not abusing its power by removing the boy from the custody of his parents.

Although I am not employed with Children and Family Services, I am a social worker. I do know that social services is required to investigate all calls to the abuse hotline.  They are not required to stay involved with a family unless there is a clear cut case of abuse and/or neglect. This is a clear case of medical neglect.

For a year, Children and Family Services had been working with the family before taking custody.

How can it be okay to not adhere to a diet that could potentially save this little boy's life - especially if he does have critical health issues because of his obesity.  In my opinion, Children and Family Services were concerned about the health and well-being of the little boy and did what they felt they had to do.

Thank You.

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