Editorial Response: Chris Silvia

(WOIO) - I am Chris Silvia responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about cheering Tim Tebow.

Growing up in a household of five brothers, I watched a lot of football and can appreciate the skill of a great quarterback. Tim Tebow is such a man.

Although football is what he does, his faith in Christ is who he is. Because of his faith, he has taken a lot of ridicule and has been the butt of many jokes.

As a Christian, he is living his life in an honorable way both on and off the field. Why joke about that? A lot of talented sports figures are moral failures in their personal lives. Tim Tebow is the type of man that should be a role model for men of all ages. We could use more examples like him in our world.

I  commend Tim for his faith and for the unashamed way he expresses it. And Tim, I look forward to the day when I hear the words spoken to you "well done, good and faithful servant".

Thank you.

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