City workers file lawsuit against City of Westlake

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Discrimination in the City of Westlake?

Four women, employed by the city, have filed a lawsuit claiming discrimination and harassment.

If the employees win, it could cost the city a boatload of money.

The City of Westlake isn't saying much about the lawsuit other than it's the re-filing of a dismissed suit.  In the new suit, the women added a new claim that after their earlier suit was filed they were retaliated against.

The four women are suing because they say there is an effort by the city to make dispatchers an all male position.  They also say they were systematically paid less than men.

The dispatchers work at the call center located at St. John Westshore Hospital.  It's called Westcom.  In addition to their claim of pay discrepancy, they say they were harassed many times by co-workers in many different ways.

The lawsuit is explicit claiming wrongful termination, sexual harassment, assault and battery, failure to promote and more.  One female was fired  for not coming to work after complaining of a migraine headache, while a male coworker refused to show up for a scheduled shift and even hung up the phone when contacted at home.  Nothing happened to him.

The suit claims female employees "are required to do women's work, cleaning the dispatch area"  that they make between two and three dollars less an hour than men despite at times being more qualified.

The most serious allegation is that a male city employee, a security officer, pulled a female dispatchers hair and tried to fondle and kiss her while she was on duty.  The city urged her not to file charges or formally complain.  If proven, it is a situation that needs emergency attention.