Tales from the suburban police blotter

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - A big criticism of television news is that we focus too much on inner city crime and violence.  That it paints an unfair picture of Cleveland.  We take this criticism seriously, so we decided to take the pulse of the police blotter in the burbs.  Reporter Paul Orlousky chose Avon Lake, where he lives.

It's starts off ugly, a caller told police they often see a St. Bernard dog with no shelter tied up outside a home on Belmar Boulevard.  Police went by but there was no dog there.

Owners of a medical office in town came to the police station to report a bounced check.  They were given paperwork to fill out.

On the railroad tracks dividing Avon from Avon Lake, a caller reported seeing a man in camouflage get out of a truck and put something on the tracks.  Police came by and saw nothing.

On Moore Road, a storage facility's motion alarm went off.  Police checked and made sure everything was secure.

A man had a heart attack on Wellesley Circle, a woman fell down on Community Drive and someone heard a loud boom on Glenview Drive.

There's more.  On Teasel Court a house was egged.  Police checked a supermarket and found surveillance video of four boys buying eggs.  They ID'd the boys and they were made to clean the eggs off the house.  Suburban street justice.

The final one will make you angry.  A man on Williamsburg Drive not far from where Paul Orlousky lives, called police to report that someone had cut the wires to his Christmas lights for the 4th year in a row.  A Christmas sacrilige.

So see, there is crime in the suburbs and we've reported it.  But despite this crime wave, Paul Orlousky doesn't think he'll be leaving any time soon.  Maybe next week we'll do Pepper Pike.