Canton cop caught snoozing on the job

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - A Stark county police department is investigating one of their own.

This, after a Canton man says he caught an officer sleeping on the job!

Canton Police won't talk to 19 Action News about this allegation, but it appears they are looking into it.

Sean Quinn says he snapped a picture of a sleeping cop around 2 a.m. Monday morning, Dec. 19 after he spotted the cruiser a block away.

Quinn was trying to get help for a car accident on Fulton Road. "I saw him sleeping…head back..mouth open.  I figured maybe he just dosed off."

The accident occurred near Sean's home and a transformer blew knocking off power.   He first checked the driver of the wrecked car and then spotted the cruiser a block away. He flashed his headlights and beeped his horn and the cop still didn't wake up.

Quinn tells 19 Action News he didn't go tap on the officer's window because he "didn't want to startle him, didn't want to get shot."

Was he sleeping or not? An investigation is now underway,