Near Sell-Out: Cavs fans and downtown businesses say better late than never

With the NBA lockout officially behind us businesses that usually cash in on the Cavs are looking ahead to catch up on lost revenue.

149 long days of the NBA lockout, now the Cavs finally take on Toronto tonight and downtown businesses are saying "Bring it on!"

While NBA players were holding out for more money during the lockout, downtown Cleveland business owners were holding their breath watching lost revenue add up.

"There's no exact dollar amount but it definitely declined having 20,000 fewer people downtown, 2-3 times a week," said Caitlin Cassidy, Harry Buffalo manager.

This restaurant alone brings in an average of $20,000 in sales on days the Cavs play at home.

"When we couldn't rely on the Cavs, had to focus on other things like snow days, it's hard without the attraction of people watching the Cavs...nothing really like it," said Caitlin Cassidy, Harry Buffalo manager.

The shortened schedule means 8 fewer home games and it means the revenue loss among all kinds of businesses that rely on the Cavs exponentially.

But the home opener is already heating up sales and expectations but one Cavs fan is weighing in with a reality check, pointing out fans like him may not be spending the cash they once did to cheer on the Cavs in Cleveland.

"I'll be following them to a certain degree, but to actually come down here and spend the dollars, probably not, the whole lockout thing is a total turnoff."

As for the Cavs, they obviously lost money through the lockout as well. The had more than 20,000 seats empty for each missed game.

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