Shurmur: We'll reassess Colt on Wednesday

Transcript from Pat Shurmur's Monday press conference
Transcript from Pat Shurmur's Monday press conference

Browns head coach Pat Shurmur addressed the media on Monday, two days after the team's 20-14 loss to Baltimore.  Asked if Browns quarterback Colt McCoy will play on Sunday against Pittsburgh, Shurmur said he'll wait and see until Wednesday if he practices.

Here's what else the coach said.

(Opening statement) - "Usually, I touch on injuries here after the game.  From the game we actually pulled out of it pretty well.  Kaluka (Maiava) is in a cast though, he broke his hand, but there is a very good chance he'll still be able to play. He's a tough guy.  Otherwise, we've got some guys banged up, but no worse for wear after coming out of a physical AFC North contest."

"I will stick with what I said after the game. We played extremely hard, (we've) got to play smarter in situations in the game. I'll talk about certain situations in the game that are all on the front page, but throughout the game.  I think that's an important piece.  We can't be our own worst enemy and I think that's an important thing to learn.  As we move forward, we have the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's the last game of the year for us and we've got to put all our energy into beating the Steelers and that's where we're at."

(On if there are any Colt McCoy updates) - "We'll talk about Colt and his status when we get to Wednesday.  But, he was in today and was in all the meetings."

(On if McCoy has been medically cleared to practice) - "He will.  We'll talk more about that on Wednesday."

(On if he could break down the 3rd and five and 4th and five plays in the fourth quarter) - "There were five guys in a route.  First one, Peyton (Hillis), they blitzed us and didn't cover him in the flat.  We've got to a better job of getting the play executed.  The next one, they played man coverage and we could have done a better job, just generally speaking, but we're trying to complete the ball for more than five yards, that's what we're trying to do."

(On if he spoke to Phil Taylor) - "Obviously, prior to that, they were in a spot where we knew that was going to happen.  They were going to try and draw us off sides and in our opinion, it was too long to kick a field goal, which would have left us half a field if they missed it.  We felt like they would try to draw us off sides and then punt the football. That's what we felt like was going to happen.  They didn't get to their second play.  Again, we need to be smarter."

(On what he could have done to communicate better with Seneca Wallace at the end of the first half) - "I'm responsible to make sure things get executed, so I need to do a better job.  Whether it's whatever, I need to do a better job.  I'm going to leave it at that."

(On Wallace accepting full blame for running the ball in that situation) - "As the head coach, I've got to do a better job of making sure that in those situations it gets done right, okay?  That's the deal and the way we had that planned, we had a timeout, we had a two play sequence designed to get the first and then throw a pass that would go in the end zone or get us out of bounds.  When we recognized we didn't get out of bounds, then you go into that scenario."

(On if it took too long to recognize the scenario) - "No, I knew exactly.  I was watching it."

(On if it took the players too long to recognize) - "No, they were aware."

(On if he talked to Taylor about what happened) - "He was pretty well aware of the fact it was a screw up and he was, obviously, disappointed about the way things transpired. I would venture to say that will never happen to him again."

(On the use of the three timeouts in the second half) - "We had one where we had an injury situation where you've got to go down.  Then, we had another one where we had a guy that was in the game that had to come off and get a substitution.  There were two of them that we used for those reasons, so we just have to make sure that doesn't happen.  We had guys in there playing that were less than 100% and I don't know if it was obvious to everyone that we had guys coming in-and-out of the game that were fighting through some things that happened in the game.  We just have to make sure we have the right people on the field in the right situations."

(On the interception on the first drive was Mohamed Massaquoi open and did Wallace get pressured) - "I think generally we didn't execute as well as we would have liked. There was a little bit of heat inside, Seneca flushed to his right and we've got to make sure we're smart with the football.  Then, I've got to do a better job, I've got to give him a protection where he doesn't get heat up the middle, so I'll take responsibility for that too. But we can't turn the ball over there, nope."

(On why we can't talk about McCoy today) - "We can.  I'll answer your question."

(On if McCoy can play this week) - "We will be able to know whether he can practice on Wednesday. So at this point, we're not practicing so I'll just leave it at that.  If he's able to practice on Wednesday there's a chance he could play."

(On what notes he jotted down after Saturday's game) - "Pretty much what I told you after the game, we need to play smarter.  In the last month, I've seen a bunch of guys go toe-to-toe with teams and I've learned a little bit about these rivalries playing them.  I'm not fearful of things and I don't think our players are.  Now we've just got to play better and from the last game its play smarter and that's that."

(On if that has been his message for weeks now) - "You know what you do as a coach though?  You just keep re-saying it, you develop some principles and you just keep re-saying it and re-saying it and eventually it sinks in."

(On if it takes time for the message to be addressed because this roster is so young) - "I don't know.  I think we can all say that we've experienced things in life and we've learned how we're going to handle things when we have it happen again.  I mentioned to you before, that I've developed a list of 'nevers' from this year that I'll never do again.  Okay.  You can only experience things to help you as you move through it.  Younger players have to experience some things, but that's no excuse.  You have to experience and win and that's the task."

(On if the message he gives to the players is the same one he gives to the media) - "What I tell the players is between me and them.  There are a lot of conversations that happen.  There are a lot of things that get said between the head coach and the player.  I think in some ways are sacred.  Now, if you go ask them and they want to tell you, I'm going to tell them not to."

(On if what the players tell the media may be different) - "No, I'm not lying to you.  I feel responsible for everything that happens.  If we put the players in a situation where they don't execute the way we see fit, then I'm ultimately responsible.  They've got to do it.  That's part of it."

(On how hard the team plays every single game) - "I agree with you, because I think what you look for from every contest are the things you can build on.  We have a lot and I've said it numerous weeks here.  We have a locker room of guys that are very prideful.  We've got some very good players, very good players.  Hopefully some of them will be recognized tomorrow.  They are not guys 'hey we're sick of losing'.  They're guys that say, 'hey I want to win.'  It's going to happen and when it happens the confidence is going to make the next one happen.  I think that's the message.  I understand everybody is saying when?  You know what, that's why you keep pushing and that's why the coach takes responsibility.  That's why the things I tell the team are private.  I appreciate your comments and you obviously know what coaches and players go through."

(On Joshua Cribbs returning a punt return for a touchdown and boosting the teams momentum) - "I feel you.  I'm there.  I think it's important that you don't make excuses.  We had the ball down by a score and we could've scored a touchdown and won by one.  I think we talk about critical plays in the game and I think you would also agree that every play is critical.  We had a player catch a simple out route.  Instead of going out of bounds he just kept running.  There are things within and that's what you talk to the team about.  I get it."

(On his thoughts on the team needing to play smarter) - "We just have to do it.  I don't know what to tell you.  We have to get it done, regardless of what I said to him.  Most of us are parents.  You have to do it, you have to do it.  The excuse is not well 'I have to tell them better'.  That's from my end.  That's what you do.  Then the wheels will turn and it will get better.  If everybody does this then nothing improves."

(On if Wallace heard the play call and then run a play on his own) - "I told you, I have to do a better job of communicating.  I'm not trying to avoid the question."

(On if it was too late for Wallace to spike the ball by the time he heard him in his headset) - "No, not in my opinion.  It's got to get done."

(On if Wallace is calling a running play and Coach Shurmur is yelling clock, clock in the headset, he has to yell that out and spike the ball) - "It's got to get done."

(On an interpretation that Wallace thought he could surprise the Ravens with the run call and take it upon himself to call the play regardless of what Coach Shurmur was calling in the headset) - "That's an interpretation.  I'm not trying to be confusing here.  I really am not.  I think it's something we have to do better."

(On the Browns players he feels should be voted to the Pro Bowl tomorrow) - "We've had some guys at different positions that have had tremendous years.  I'll let the voting and all that kind of play out.  I have a strong feeling about a lot of our players that have done a lot of things this year that have kept us playing hard.  You've got some veteran guys in here that have experienced a lot.  I've experienced a year, but you've got some veteran guys that have experienced a lot and they are fighting their fannies off.  I think those are some of the guys I'm talking about."

(On if he thinks the things that have happened this year might not happen again if they hire an offensive coordinator to help alleviate pressure) - "We don't talk about these things when you win games.  We don't.  Hopefully, we're talking about other things and I think that's what you're looking for.  That's the important thing.  It's very important when you're working with a group of men that are very prideful, that everybody assumes responsibility for the good and the bad.  I want a team that's going to accept responsibility when they screw up.  This is a game of mistakes and you try to eliminate the ones that cost you games and then deflect the praise.  That's my style.  I think that's what I'd like to see from our team."

(On if he encourages his quarterbacks to change the play call if they see something at the line of scrimmage) - "Sure, absolutely. They have freedom in most situations to do a lot.  In fact, there were five times in the game where we made an adjustment to a play call.  I don't know if that's obvious or not, but it happened.  All five of those plays were positive yardage gains.  There was one other one where we tried, but we jumped offside.  We twitched.  I would say five of the six then."

(On if Evan Moore should've done something different on the play where he didn't get out of bounds) - "He caught the ball in the flat and he was fighting to get out of bounds.  I'm getting clarification on that."

(On if McCoy will be the starting quarterback if he is healthy on Sunday) - "I can't cross that bridge yet.  We'll know more Wednesday when we start practicing for the Steelers and then we'll talk about it then.  I'm not trying to be vague, that's the case."

(On if McCoy is still experiencing symptoms from the concussion) - "Colt worked out today and was in all the meetings."

(On if his physical activity changed or increased in the last week) - "He's making improvements."

(On if McCoy can speak to the media) - "I don't think he's been cleared to practice yet.  That would be no."