Wadsworth police seek woman who pocketed envelope of cash

WADSWORTH, OH (WOIO) - The Wadsworth Police Department needs help identifying a woman who picked up an envelope of money that didn't belong to her.

It happened December 2nd during the evening hours at the Circle K gas station on High Street.

A customer dropped an envelope containing cash while standing at the counter. Surveillance video shows another customer picking up the envelope from the floor as the owner of the money walked away.

The Wadsworth Police Department needs assistance in identifying the woman or the logos that are on the clothing.

Anonymous information, tips or leads may be telephoned in to a voice mailbox at (330) 335-2769.  This mailbox is not continuously monitored.  If an immediate police response is necessary, the (330) 334-1511 or 9-1-1 telephone numbers should be utilized.

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