Browns Season Ending Recap

CLEVELAND- (WOIO)-- The Browns closed out their season with a thud, a 13-9 loss to Pittsburgh at home. The loss was the Browns sixth in a row and their ninth in their last ten games.

Steelers running back Isaac Redman scored the game's only touchdown in the third quarter. He filled in for Rashard Mendenhall who injured his knee in the first quarter. Mendenhall could have torn knee ligaments.

Cleveland held a 6-0 late in the first half before the Steelers drove for a field goal.

Seneca Wallace has not very productive in his third straight start, finishing 16/41 for 177 yards and an interception. His rating was 42.4. Wallace was also their leading rusher with 44 yards on three carries. Peyton Hillis ran for 30 yards on 10 carries and briefly left the game with a knee injury.

The Browns finished the season 4-12 and it sounds like they'll have the 4th pick in the draft.