Tips for better sleep In 2012

(WOIO) - It might be your New Year's resolution, if not, it's probably something that has crossed your mind more than a few times - getting more sleep.

Most of us would love to get a few more winks, but it is not easy to get that done. But it is possible and incredibly important to your long term health.

"You need to treat sleep just as important as any medicine you might take because its very easy to stay up late and burn the candle at both ends. However when you do that you quickly run into a problem of dealing with sleep deprivation," said Dr. Charles Bae of the Cleveland Clinic.

Catching a siesta at work is probably not your best option to catch up on your zzzz's, and pounding more coffee is only a temporary solution. You need more sleep - you need to have a plan and a routine.

And that routine, according to Dr. Bae from the Clinic, needs to include things that will help you take your mind off your daily activities. Turn off all your electronic devices at least a half hour before you shut it down. And then try and break the clock watching habit.

"Because the minute you look at that time it's not just looking at one number you start mental calculations you think bout how long its been since you've been in bed and what you have to do the next day and before you know it a long time has passed and that cuts into sleep time," said Dr. Bae.

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