Mild winter is good for city budgets

LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Slick, snow covered streets would worry event the toughest, most prepared person living in a city like Lorain, because last year, supplies were low, real low by the end of winter, and budget's are tight.

The Lorain Service Director told us "Everything was done to plow all the streets. Priority (was) given to the main streets and intersections.  Safety first. Some of the side streets got a little less salt."

Willie Arnold of Elyria remembers last winter.

"Last year the roads, they were slow to tend to the roads. Because of manpower."

This year is oh, so different.

"So far, so good" on resident tells us.

It's as if Mother Nature told Old Man Winter to go pound some salt, because until this latest snow, the salt supplies in Lorain have remained virtually untouched.

People like Bob Evans, the Superintendent of the Service Garage, are finally getting a break.

"The budget is always an issue. We do have several new employees, so we'll have a few extra trucks out here this year."

So instead of seeing white, cash strapped cities have been seeing green.  But experts predict the future will only get whiter, so who knows if the going will get tough again this season.  At least places like Lorain got a running start.

"I'm not going to call it a mild winter. We're getting a late start. They are promising a lot of bad weather and we'll probably see that."