Snow begins to take its seasonal toll on Cuyahoga County

19 Action News is on Snow Watch.

We have been watching the flurries fly all day and night and we are everywhere tracking it all.

It's been a winter wallop in the snow belt with more than 24 hours of snow and even more expected tonight.

As the snow accumulates things could get messy for that morning commute.

The heart of the snow belt racking up several inches of snow. We saw several plows out and about a lot of people out shoveling up the snow.

The secondary snow belt meantime, is also dealing with the white stuff.

The plows are doing their job, keeping the roads clear, allowing people to get out and stock up on winter supplies.

Snowplow operators are working 12-hour shifts to make sure interstates, state and U.S. routes, ramps and bridges are safe and passable.  With snow expected to continue throughout the overnight hours and into the morning commute motorists are encouraged to: 

  • Slow down;
  • Allow for extra travel time;
  • Keep extra distance between their vehicle and motorists in front of them; and
  • Don't crowd the plow.  Give them extra room to work so the roadways are safe and passable.

Overall for Cuyahoga County, we received a half of foot of snow Monday and that number is rising.

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