Jury selection underway in Jimmy Dimora corruption trial

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - After years under investigation, it's time to face the music. The trial for former County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora began this morning with jury selection.

Judge Sarah Lioi started the jury selection process around 9AM.  12 jurors will be chosen with 6 alternates.

Opening statements are slated for Monday. Lacking a plea deal, which is not expected, the trial is expected to last through March.

Jimmy Dimora claims he's not crook, but will a jury buy it?

The reason his logic is flawed is that most of the other public officials he was referring to have either been found guilty by juries or have admitted their guilt.  Several of those closest to Dimora will testify against him.

The Dimora trial is being held in the Akron Federal Courthouse not the Federal Courthouse in Cleveland. That means that the jury pool in large part will be made up of people living in Stark, Summit and other counties in the southern part of the district.

Being held in Akron is good for media access to Dimora, because he can't sneak out a back entrance as he's done in Cleveland.  But, his attorney's have a tight leash on him, and he hasn't said anything about the case to reporters in months.

Some testimony and wiretap recordings are expected to be explosive and 19 Action will be there to cover it from start to finish.

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