Close eye: Northeast Ohioans watching Iowa

All eyes are on Iowa but Ohio still has a vote in the race for the White House.

Do Clevelanders think any of the candidates can fix our economy?

The one thing we can say is right now is -- there is no Republican who is a clear cut leader and unless one of the candidates distinguishes himself, it could be another 4 years of Barack Obama.

Like many Ohioans, the dinner crowd at Cleveland's Liquid Planet is waiting to see one of the Republicans separate themselves from the pack.

"No one's really stood out in my mind yet."

Choosing a candidate is like choosing from a menu. It can be hit or miss and to some people, nothing on the menu looks good.

"But there's no Republican. I'm scared of all of them."

That's not the case for Jerry Albin, he has his mind made up.

 "Newt Gingrich," said Jerry Albin. "I think he's qualified, I think he's the best person for the job."

Albin supports Gingrich because he believes the former House Speaker would create jobs by investing in small business.
 "I'd like to see more business and industry stay in Ohio."
Across the table, Kelly Albin is keen on a much different candidate.
 "Personally I think Ron Paul sticks out above everyone because instead of pointing the finger, he really is firm in his beliefs and he sticks to the points and is more direct than all the other candidates," said Kelly Albin.

Retired teacher Richard Mayer doesn't like any of the candidates duking it out in Iowa. He thinks the best man for the job is already in the White House.

 "I'd give Obama another four years to see what he could do," said Richard Mayer. "He didn't create this problem, he inherited it."

Fixing the economy is job one but Ohioans demand this from candidates.

 "The Truth!"

It's interesting what people say about Ron Paul. It's not that they agree with his ideas, they think he's the only candidate who says what he means and means what he says.
Sad commentary about what we have to choose from.