Broadway Drug & DNA Testing: True Story.

A true DNA True Story that Broadway Drug & DNA Testing was not responsible for:


Dec. 15, 1997

A Philadelphia resident named Luz Cuevas suffers a terrible tragedy. Her only daughter, Delimar Vera, only 10 days old, perishes in a fire, believed by fire officials to have been sparked by an extension cord. The tiny body of the infant was never found, investigators concluded that it was entirely consumed by the intense heat of the fire.

Everyone believed that--except Luz.

January 24, 2004

Luz spots a young girl at a birthday party. A sudden, inexplicable bolt of intuition strikes her--"that's my Delimar!" Convinced that this was none other than her long lost daughter, Luz approaches the little girl, claiming that she has some gum stuck in her hair. She removes five strands of the girls hair and takes them to a DNA testing center for testing. The results came back shortly afterwards, with a confirmation of maternity.

This was Luz's long lost daughter.

She took action, and consulted her local representative with her story. Facing much well understandable disbelief, Luz's determination triumphs. The DNA test results were enough to convince her local representative to investigate the case. Authorities in Philadelphia contacted authorities in New Jersey, who then asked Ms. Correa to submit two DNA tests. When she showed up for the second test, the child was taken from her and re-united with her biological mother.

Carolyn Correa, of Willingboro, N. J., a cousin of Luz, pleaded guilty to having kidnapped the child 6 years earlier, and setting the fire to cover her tracks. After Delimar's birth Correa informed Ms. Cuevas that she was pregnant. Shortly after the fire, she cut off contact with her, and even informed her then boyfriend that the child was hers, and he was the father. He discovered two years later, through a DNA paternity test, that he in fact was not the father.

After significant deliberation on the part of social service authorities, young Delimar has been turned over to the custody of her true birth mother, who apparently had formed such an incredibly deep and powerful bond with her infant that it was still fresh six years later.