Mistake on the Cake?: No dough for baker after she fails to get a rise out of Lebron

A baker in Boca Raton, FL was very pleased to be standing next to her $3,000 cake creation. She was given just two days to make it for Lebron James' 27th birthday.

She says the deal was instead of being paid for the cake she was going to get the publicity of having her cake at James' party.

So you can imagine her shock when she saw this picture on the Internet the day after the party, as the cake the king ate.  As it turns out Lebron's people didn't think this was suitable so they went out and ordered another one.

We went to Presit's in Little Italy to see how pastry patrons slice the situation.

"He should have asked for some kind of design if he wanted something special. This is a nicer cake, but she still work hard on it."

"Obviously she spent time making it. I would say it's fair that she get paid for her services."
The problem is, this baker got nothing! Not the publicity and not the crumbs. She has no idea what happened to her cake and now she wants to get paid.

"That's rude. He can pay it. It's pocket change."

"You would think someone like Lebron would have some integrity."

When you think about it, I guess you could say that the Florida baker is getting that publicity now, even if it is for having an unwanted cake.

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