Chief Judge accused of double-dipping

19 Action News is uncovering more of what you might call an outrageous abuse of your tax money.

A chief judge earning a six figure salary is now double dipping. Chief Judge of Cleveland City Court, Judge Ron Adrine, is collecting a pension plus a $115,000 salary. 

He was just re-elected, starting a new six year term as the Municipal Court presiding judge, but we've found last weekend he retired for a couple of days. So now he'll get a pension plus he'll keep earning $115,500 in salary.

The judge has always been up front talking-- about even touchy court matters but he's not talking about this.

Some taxpayers are outraged. It seems so many government leaders double dipping like this -- a common practice but in this case a judge ran for re-election yet he filed a notice of retirement with the board of elections way back in May.

"If you retire that means you leave. Retirement means you go fish."
"I don't see anything wrong with it. You put in your 30 years on the job."

A court spokesman sent 19 ActionNews Reporter Ed Gallek a statement saying..."the judge has chosen to access funds he has accumulated during 30 years of public service. Current law empowers him to do so been on the bench since  the 80's."

We're told the judge retired on Saturday but the Board of Elections says he started his new term Wednesday.

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