"Bait" dog from fighting ring diagnosed with blood disease

A timid pup seized in an east side dog fighting ring has now been diagnosed with a rare blood disease.

The dog was one of 9 adult dogs and 18 puppies removed from Collin Rand, Jr.'s East 91st home during a raid on December 22nd. The dog received the disease from contact with blood and saliva during the fights. Now, all the other dogs involved must be tested. Each test runs about $100 bucks.

Officers say the dogs were raised at the house and the fighting happened in the basement. According to the officers, teh basement was covered in blood.

A foster family stepped up and brought one of the "bait" dogs into their care.

The foster family named her Miera - one who gives light. She was doing extremely well with the family until her recent diagnosis.

Click HERE to see home video of the now playful and happy Miera!

Miera - and other cats and dogs waiting for a second chance - can be adopted from FOCK or Friends of the Cleveland Kennel. Those interested may call 216-274-9480 or click the links provided below:

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