Computerization of waste collection tickets

As the New Year begins, The Cleveland Clerk of Courts office begins a creative, efficient, new way of processing waste collection tickets for the City of Cleveland.  This new system reduces ticket processing costs.

Clerk of Courts Earle Turner first proposed this system in 2010, after seeing the problems of the old system. The old system required many manual steps coordinated through several City Departments, often resulting in property owners getting garbage violation notices 2 to 3 months after a violation was noted. The citations were for trash cans placed on curbs too early, or left too long after waste collection.  The tickets were criminal misdemeanors.

Through coordination with other City leaders, Clerk Turner's vision is now realized with waste collection tickets being civil violations.  And the collection of the tickets has been computerized through the Clerk's Parking Division.

When the Clerk's office solicited bids for the latest contract covering the collection of Parking Management, companies were required to include proposals for processing waste collection tickets.

The company that was awarded the bid was ACS, a Xerox Company.  Sixteen hand-held ticket issuing units with attached cameras have been given to the City's waste collection code enforcement inspectors. The units when docked send the violation information with images into a computer system that delivers much quicker notification; within 2 weeks. And once the system is fully operational in the spring, property owners will be able to view their ticket information on line, and pay fines on-line.

Clerk Turner's vision is that such an efficient computerized system can be expanded into other types of ticket processing, and beyond Cleveland's borders.