Davis-Besse back in business...but should it be?

TOLEDO, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has been warning you about this since October -- cracks in the concrete at Davis-Besse.

Now the nuclear reactor is back in business and that has people living near it fearful and furious -- and many of those people sounded off at a public hearing on the plant's safety Thursday night.

"They are making a killing by getting away with murder and I hope that stays a metaphor because they are taking huge risks with the health of region and environment," said Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear.

The plant, just outside Toledo, is one of only about 50 in our country of it's kind. It went into full operation in 1979 but has been plagued with one problem after another ever since.

But, the latest is causing an uproar from anti-nuclear activists.
There have been cracks found in the concrete shield building surrounding the enclosed reactor.

The cracks were found by a contractor back in October and it's why the plant was shut down back then. So why it's back and up and running now? It's a question even has Congressman Dennis Kucinich wants answered. The Congressman called out First Energy in front of a standing room only crowd saying officials there downplayed the problem and never admitted the cracks were in a crucial part of the shield building structure -- until now.

"What I would suggest is that when you get this information be upfront tell them what it is," stated Congressman Dennis Kucinich. "Isn't it time to choose public safety over private profits?"

First Energy's Rep, Barry Allen defended his company saying their investigation has been ongoing.

The plant went back online last month with those from both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the plant owner, First Energy saying the cracks pose no danger.

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