Neighbor saw body, but didn't call police

19 Action News has new details on a woman's badly burned body.

Records show a neighbor heard noises and even saw a body, but didn't call cops!

Last month, Kimberly Bolton was found dead on Cleveland's east side, her body was burned.

Now, we're learning more about Bolton's final hours.

Investigators think the killer set the body on fire using papers and some sort of accelerant.

Police found fingernails broken off from the victim's hands too.

Earlier, a witness saw a woman go in to a home with a man and heard "sounds." The neighbor knocked on the door and a male answered and said all was well. The neighbor later saw Bolton dead on the floor, pants pulled down, the body not yet burned.

It's not clear why that witness didn't call police about the noises or the body.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors indicted Nathaniel Woods. Cleveland Police are still investigating.