Man hits dog in the head with shovel, stabs it with pitchfork

ASHTABULA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A dog was brought into the APL in Ashtabula County after a neighbor said they saw a man hit the dog in the head with a shovel and stab it in the neck with a pitchfork.

Since we first did the story, the owner has come forward to take the dog, named Spike, home.

The dog was found on Cedar Road in Conneaut.  He survived, but may lose his eye because of the heartless attack.

The owner said she just moved down the road from where the attack happened.  Spike keeps trying to get back to the home he used to know, and was wandering through backyards to get there when the man saw him.

A neighbor witnessed the attack, but has yet to come forward to police about it.

Unless someone comes forward as a witness, the man will not face charges.

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