Second pipe bomb discovered in Summit County

COVENTRY TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Another pipe bomb discovered in Summit County over the weekend.

It happened around 1PM Sunday at a house on Homewood Drive in Coventry Township.

The pipe was found in the street across from the home were a pipe bomb was found on January 4th.

"I'm scared to let the kids walk home from school. We don't know what they are going to run across, coming up the road -- it's nerve racking. I'm afraid to let them go outside and play," said Ralph Rust.

Luckily none of the pipe bombs have gone off on their own. Knowing the damage they can do -- no one will rest easy until police make an arrest.

"It's a normally peaceful street but now we wonder about every car that comes down here that doesn't belong," said Ralph Rust.

Pipe bombs can be lethal and any time a citizen finds a suspected pipe bomb they should not attempt to touch, disassemble or move it. If you find a pipe bomb, you should immediately contact the Summit County Sheriff's office at 330-643-2181, your local police department or the ATF at 216-573-8100.

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