Underwear Obsession: Panty prowler on the loose in Elyria

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Police in Elyria is looking for a sick-o who is stealing women's skivvies.

Police say one of the victim's wasn't home for a couple of days so they're not sure the break-ins happened the same night but they're just a few miles apart. Now detectives are trying to figure out if there's more than one creep.

"I have no underwear period, clean or dirty," said Lyndsey.

She ran to the store last Thursday to pick up a few things and when she got back she found some creep broke in and picked out, not just a few but all her undergarments from the closet she had just organized.

"I have hoodies. Long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, but my underwear is empty," said Lyndsey.

Cops are on this case just off Park Meadow and a similar one just off Rosewood. In both the burglar went right for lingerie.

Police say the strange thing about both these cases is there no sign either door was kicked in but instead opened.

Neighbors are wondering if this panty perv or perverts have keys.
And again in both cases, just the underwear vanished -- other valuables were untouched.

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