Couple has day in court after their dogs attack woman

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - As they went into the courtroom Tuesday morning, Miranda Kuhns and Michael Schooley were none too pleased to see our cameras.

"I got nothing to say to you guys.  You weren't there."

The attack happened on January 3rd.  The woman was taken to the hospital with puncture wounds and bruising.

They faced counts of letting their dogs get loose, not having them registered or registered as vicious animals, and not having proof of rabies vaccinations.

To their credit, they took responsibility for what happened, and did show proof that the dogs had been vaccinated, but not registered.

The couple was anxious to make the point that the dogs are normally friendly.

A dog breaking free of a leash is understandable.  A dog chasing and biting someone is not.  But what is truly not understandable is the dogs not being registered as vicious in fact not registered at all.

They pled no contest in court today, they'll be sentenced on January 31st.

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