Police say woman was hoarding library books, DVDs

FAIRVIEW PARK, OH (WOIO) - Fairview Park Police make a startling find inside an apartment.  They say a woman, a suspected library hoarder, is facing charges for keeping hundreds of books and movies from a public library and hiding them.

Police officers found bin after bin filled with library books, DVDs and more where she was living.  All items that should have been available to patrons of the Fairview Public Library.

Doris Jones was in court facing Receiving Stolen Property charges.  She didn't want to talk about it, but her attorney says there's an explanation.

In fact, the materials had never been checked out, yet they were still somehow collected.

David Kraus says Jones isn't a bad person, not your typical thief, she just needs help.  And that's what he'll try to get her through the courts.

A police report shows all this came to light when a relative of the woman found the items.  The library found Jones had only had a handful of things actually checked out.  Police say Jones admitted to gathering books and more over about the last 2 years.
When we asked her why she said, "It helps stop the voices."

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