Only On: Walmart shopper gives new meaning to "Hot Deal"

The Steelyard Commons Walmart was evacuated Tuesday morning after a small fire started near a rack of clothes. It happened just after 10:30 AM in the men's clothing section inside the store.

"Everybody start running out the door -- it's a fire, its a fire," said Angel Starzz.

Cops think the firebug may be a young mother.

"Arson detectives interviewed everyone in the store. No one had any dealing with her. Nothing that would indicate a grudge against the store," said Sgt. Dave Rutt.

The fire was pretty much under control when fire fighters arrived, thanks to employees. According to officials with the Cleveland Fire Dept. two people were injured, including an employee who burned his hands with a fire extinguisher. The other person was treated for smoke inhalation.

Walmart Corp. tells 19 Action News that the store was closed for a short time while they cleaned the store and made it is safe for customers.

The small fire caused close to $5,000 in damages to clothing.

The fire remains under investigation.

Anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers at or 216.252.7463(CRIME).

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