It's sold as incense, but some teens aren't lighting it for its smell

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has a warning for parents: An up-close look at the startling way teens are getting high.

It's perfectly legal and easy to buy but cops say they're seeing a crazy increase in incense purchases.

Because there are no regulations on it some people are calling it "legal weed."

You can buy it at convenience stores and head shops here in northeast Ohio, in fact the company that sells scientific incense online says  it's 100% drug enforcement administration OK!

Which is always important when you're buying drugs -- Oops, I mean incense....

And if you ask the Internet experts -- "It looks just like marijuana."

"My mom said it smelled like weed."

Which explains why it's dubbed the new synthetic marijuana and touted as 100% legal and effective, but ironically not for human consumption.

"Immediately you get this tingly sensation over your face -- really relaxed."

But the calls to cops in Garfield Heights, 10 since October don't sound as euphoric.
"People flopping around on street corners in the middle of the street, " said Det. Doug Dillon.
"They become ill they're paranoid they get combative No idea what they are doing or where they are at they're throwing up blood."

So Garfield Heights Police sent samples to a lab to find out just exactly what's in this smokeable incense.
"With scientists medical and law enforcement we're gonna approach the state legislature for some kind of law to come out against the stuff," said Det. Doug Dillon.

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