Big cuts are coming to schools in Lorain City Schools

LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Board of Education members in Lorain have approved close to $5 million in layoffs and program cuts.

School officials are trying to reduce more than $10 million deficit for next year.

In fact by the end of the year they will cut 150 more staff from Lorain City Schools and kindergarten will go to half days. The sports department will see big cuts as well.

For example, cheerleading will bee eliminated next year but the district has decided to keep basketball and football because they make money.

This hits home to senior Josue Blondet. Sports is slam dunk when it comes to kids and the streets.
"The sports really help kids they stay out of trouble drugs and  staying out of bad habits," said Josue Blondet.

Interim Superintendent Ed Branham says the numbers are bad.  He grew up in Lorain and his kids attended school here.
"We received no new money for 19 years in the city of Lorain and the Lorain School District," Interim Superintendent Ed Branham.

It pains him even more --losing teachers that specialize in Spanish to kids like Giovanni Santiago. Hispanics move to this area because of the schools.
"They come here because the teachers helps us," said Giovanni Santiago.

Some of those teachers have to go too.  Tough times for these kids and a district that just has no more free throws.

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