Two arrested, accused of throwing bricks at moving cars

Police in Slavic Village arrested a couple of young punks who they say hurled bricks off a railroad trestle onto a busy road.

One of those bricks slammed into a man's windshield.

Brian Robinson was driving down Harvard about 9:30 Wednesday night when he ran over what felt like a rock, and then another rock, and then he looks out and sees someone throwing a brick at his car.

"Oh my God, it was crazy," said Brian Robinson.

Robinson says two young punks were right out in the open pitching bricks at cars from a train bridge. Luckily for him, it hit the corner of his windshield.

Robinson flagged down a nearby cop and the officer went right to work, catching the delinquents red handed. A 16 year old and a 21 year old were arrested.

"I guess that's what some people do for fun for some sick reason," said Brian Robinson.

 He took his Lexus to a body shop and found out he had company.

"They told me there were five other cars in the same area and it happened to them," said Brian Robinson.

Robinson called 19 Action News and is encouraging the other victims to come forward.

"If you see that many bricks in the street, it ridiculous, you know they damaged a lot of other people's cars," said Brian Robinson.