Damaging phone conversation between Russo, Dimora played for jurors

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Day Two of testimony in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial. The lead FBI agent on the case again on the stand, and wiretapped phone conversations are being played for the jury.

Court started about an hour late as some jurors were delayed by the snowy weather. When things got started, a far more damaging recording than was played on Thursday. It's of a call between Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo.

Dimora arrived and walked into court on a day as blustery as he was on the telephone with Frank Russo. It was a call about awarding contracts for the Juvenile Justice Center.

Prosecutors want to show the dynamic duo wanted to steer the $35 million dollar contract to Ferris Kleem who treated them to fun, favors and frolicking in Las Vegas. But Kleem hadn't posted a high enough bond.

Russo: "Ohhh, try everything to give it to him."

Dimora: "I don't even know why they do stupid things, these guys. Why do you subject yourself to the risk of the problem."

Russo: "I tell all these guys, go in low and just add a thing or two on as you go, but they don't listen."

Dimora: "No."

The defense is sure to counter that Ferris Kleem didn't get the contract he was lobbying for.  However, a month later Dimora voted to award Phoenix Cement, another Kleem company, a $4 1/2 million dollar contract for the concrete portion of the JJC project.

A month later, they were off to Vegas.

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