ME say woman was beaten to death

Earlier this month, Lakeisha Williams, a mother of three, was sexually assaulted and attacked during a domestic dispute and later died at the hospital.

The Medical Examiner just released the 33-year-old's cause of death -- Multisystem organ failure, due to Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy with global cerebral necrosis due to blunt impacts to head and neck.

19 Action News has also learned a man wanted in a vicious attack and never picked up is under investigation for Williams' murder, the same woman he's accused of attacking earlier.

Lonnie Cage was indicted in December of 2010 for Rape, Kidnapping and Felony Assault, but never showed for court.

In more than a year, Sheriff's Deputies only sent teams to look for him twice.

"I just don't see a warrant out for him for that long and him not get picked up," said Carol Malone, Williams' mom.

The Sheriff's Department says it has a list of 12,000 people wanted in Cuyahoga County for felony crimes.  There just simply are not enough investigators to go after them all.  So the plan is go after bad guys wanted for the most serious crimes and the ones deputies have the most information about where they might be.

No one has been charged with the murder of Lakeisha Williams. 

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