Mannequin's droopy drawers irks Sears shopper

SOLON, OH (WOIO) - Saggy pants spoiled one local man's trip to the store.  He snapped a picture of a mannequin that had him upset.

The song "Pants on the Ground" was meant to make fun of sagging pants, but the man, who doesn't want to be identified, wasn't laughing at this display.

"The pants were down real low below the waste and they had three pair of underwear above the wasteline one of them you could actually see the belly button.  It's not proper and to see a company like sears who actually is allowing this to go on and on and on and basically put it on a mannequin.  To look like that."

He complained to the manager, who told him they'd look into it.

Sears Spokesperson Kimberly Freely sent us a statement regarding the complaint:

"This type of style is not the direction of Sears Apparel or supported by company guidelines and we have removed the mannequin at this location. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention"

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