Suspects named in police-involved shooting on city's east side

Cops are investigating an officer-involved shooting. 

"An officer while on routine patrol observed a robbery in progress," said Sgt. Sammy Morris.

Officers say a man got robbed on East 93rd around 11:30AM. The victim then flagged down an officer for help.

Police say two thugs, David Miller and William K. Flenoy, both of Cleveland, robbed a driver who was parked outside a liquor store near East 93rd & Kinsman. When the officer approached the fools fled.

"The officer exited his vehicle, pursued the suspects at which time one of the suspects pointed a weapon at the officer.  The officer, Patrolman Michael Moctezuma, discharged his firearm," said Sgt. Sammy Morris.

Officer Moctezuma was in a zone car by himself when he came upon the robbery. He pursued the suspects down the street and was able to apprehend both of them by himself.
"After discharging his firearm he placed that male under arrest, wrestled with a second suspect and placed that suspect under arrest," said Sgt. Sammy Morris.
Miller, 19, is confined at MetroHealth Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the right shoulder. Flenoy, 21, was taken to jail.

These thugs aren't exactly the brightest bulb in the pack -- they committed their crime right across the street  from the 4th District Police Station.

Both are awaiting charges.

Officer Moctezuma has been placed on administrative leave.

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